We are a family run coffee shop in Kent, OH serving up great unique drinks using fair trade and organic coffee, teas and products. Come get a great drink, grab a comfy seat and enjoy either some music, poetry or a good book!

We support local artists, musicians and community projects, so there is always something going on.


Featured Drinks

Love Chai??
Try our in-house specialty Chai Flight.
Three 4 ounce Chais made to order in the flavor you desire!

Have you tried our Bolts? Short & intense handcrafted original drinks that'll zing your palate.
Balanced to perfection with specific all natural and organic spices, espresso,
steamed half & half and sweet touches!
You won't find anything like them anywhere else. Organic. Fair Trade. Local.

Scribbles Coffee Co.
Email: ScribblesCoffeeCompany@gmail.com